Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pest or Pet?

It's spring.  And, here in our house, spring is the time when young ants' fancies turn to love, and they fall in love with my kitchen sink (which is inconveniently located right next to my back door).

Thus, we have had a huge influx of tiny brown ants, which are just icky because I have ants crawling everywhere.

Hubby picked up some ant traps a few days ago, to help curtail the problem.  We placed them strategically in the kitchen, and subsequently had strict instructions to the Fries that they were not supposed to touch them.

Yesterday, Small Fry found an ant crawling along the floor in the living room.

"He wants to go to his howse," she told me.

"Just go throw him in the sink," I told her.  I don't want the ant in my house.  And the sink is surrounded by little black plastic traps.

Small Fry moseyed in to the kitchen, and was back fast enough that I didn't wonder too much about what she'd done in there.

"I put him back in his cage!" she announced happily.

Oh, dear.

His "cage" must be the ant trap on the counter by the sink.  I'll bet the ant just loooooved that.

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