Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Evening Prayers

Small Fry and Medium Fry have both said what they're thankful for, but Large Fry is being obstinate.  (I can't imagine where she gets that from.)

She insists she's not thankful.  For anything.

Finally, Hubby manages to drag out of her that she isn't thankful that God is healing her boo-boo (she scraped her knee up last night on the outdoor porch concrete at Friendly's).  She wants her boo-boo to not get better so fast.

"Oh, you're not thankful that God is healing your boo-boo because you still want a bandaid, huh?" Hubby observes.

Lower lip out in full pout, Large nods.

Hubby tries to point out that it's a very good thing that God heals our boo-boos, because otherwise, we'd always have them and always hurt.

Logic is lost on a very tired almost-six-year-old, I tell you.

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