Thursday, July 7, 2011

Impending Celebrations

Both Large Fry and I are July babies.  (Because, of course, when Hubby and "I decided to have children," we determined we just had to have one of them born in the same month as six other family birthdays (not including mine) and two family anniversaries.  Just had to.  In fact, Large Fry and Oldest Nephew share the same birthday, albeit 24 years apart.)

And since my birthday is next week and Large's is the week after, talk of presents has been going on around here.

Large Fry has told us what she wants:
  • A hula hoop
  • A jump rope
  • A piggy bank
XSIL, the Fries' biological mother, called on Skype tonight.  I make myself scarce during these times because I just can't handle it emotionally.  (Plus, she turns my stomach.)  So I asked Hubby afterward if XSIL had asked what Large Fry might like for her birthday.

Not that we expect her to do anything, mind you.  She hasn't in the last three years.

Apparently, this is what Large Fry told XSIL she wanted:
  • A Spiderman-girl
  • A new house with a bedroom and a closet for her (our current house is so old that Hubby's closet is in Large's room)
Good girl.  Ask for the impossible.

After dinner tonight, Small Fry came up to me with a question.  "Auntie," she said, "do you want a PillowPet for youwr biwrfday?"

Obviously, because she loves her PillowPet from Auntie & Uncle Js (gimme a break; both their names start with J), clearly I need something like that to love.

Medium Fry also asked what I would like for my birthday.  Even though I knew she'd been prompted, it still warmed my heart.

However, I really didn't need to worry about answering her question.  She's already decided what I need.

An Eeyore.  (Because I supposedly don't have one.  I do, though.)  I don't need a Pooh or a Tigger, because I already have those.  And I need a Rabbit, an Owl, and a Piglet.

What do I really want?  Aside from my own pie-in-the-sky wishes (no, I don't want a Spiderman-girl), I sure wouldn't mind seasons 6 and 7 of MacGyver on DVD.

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