Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Dear Youngest Child...

I am so happy you neeeeeeeed me.  I can't begin to tell you how much that warms my heart.  Or how much I wish I didn't have to clamp down so hard on the heart-warming so that I can enforce what I've just told you to do.

In this case, take a nap.

I wish I could also take a nap.  I wish I could go lay in my bed, too.  I wish I didn't have laundry to do.

But me laying down in my bed to somehow keep the monsters at bay is counter-productive.  Especially since I have already kicked them out.  Twice.

You telling me that you waaaaaaaaaaaaant me to lay down in my bed, when I have already told you three times that I will not be doing so, will result in a sharp, scolding tone of voice and me telling you to lay down.

I am sorry that Uncle is not here to give you a hug, that he committed the nearly-unpardonable sin of leaving the house without adequate hugging and kissing.  However, we are going someplace FUN tonight, and I want you to enjoy it and have fun and behave...and for that, we both need you to sleep.

Arguing that you are nawt tiyewrd really don't help your case.

Because I know you are.

Small Fry
Not only because the smallest things (which ordinarily would not faze you in the least) are making you bawl like a baby.

No, I know you're tired because I am tired.  That hour (at least) that you were awake and in our bed, until I sent you back to your own bed about 5:30 this morning?  I was awake for that too.

Sleep, my child.

It's healthy.

In this case, it's keeping one of us alive.  No, I am not sure which.

All my love,

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