Friday, July 15, 2011

Proper Grace

Lemon Lush. Or,saith the Emir, Lemon Lust.
Large Fry, opining at the start of my birthday dinner tonight, after having been helpfully reminded by Gramma to thank God for my birthday:
God is God, thank you for Auntie J's birfday today; we love her.  And the food.  Amen.
Mexican lasagna, if you were wondering.  (Woooooooooooooooonderful stuff.)

Lemon Lush for dessert. [clasps hand to heart dramatically]  Delish.  I almost want to have it for breakfast, but Mom made lemon-blueberry scones.  Also yum.

I got some nice gifts (a necklace from the Fries and semi-matching earrings from Hubby, and crafty stuff from Mom & Dad), but the greatest gifts I have were sitting around the table.

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