Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now We Are (Almost) Six

After a full and busy weekend, everybody crashed for naps this afternoon.

And we had nice long naps, too.  (I love long naps.)

The Fries had spent part of the weekend with Gramma and Boppa, and had a tea party with Gramma on Saturday while Hubby and I attended some meetings back closer to home.

Innyhoo.  Naps.

As the Fries started waking up, they joined Hubby and me in our bed.  We ended up watching a little bit of tv, the PBS Sprout cable channel.

When we all went downstairs, Large Fry announced that she didn't feel good.  She had felt fine upstairs, so I didn't think much of it.  I chalked it up to her not wanting to do something I'd asked her to do.  I called them all to the table for a supper of PB&J sandwiches.  There was much giggling and talking and a few reprimands to get them to settle down and eat.

It was about ten minutes after I had them sit down that I looked up from where I was working at my desk and saw that Large Fry had left the table...and it didn't look like she had touched her sandwich.  And then I heard the unmistakable sound was obvious she was not feeling well.

I looked over at Hubby, who had his earphones in.  "Large Fry is throwing up," I said.  I was deep in the middle of sorting stuff out for work--payroll is this week--and so he went to go check on her.

She had no fever.  But she clearly didn't feel well.  She stayed inside on the couch, watching more Sprout, while her sisters went to play outside.  And got sick again.

Po's spot.  No exceptions.
I looked over at one point and saw that Po was once again not caring who was sick and laying on the couch; she was going to have her spot.

By the time the twins came back inside (Small Fry was filthy; her twin had thought it would be fun to give her a dirt bath, and so dirt clung to her clothes, her skin, was in her hair, and had stuck to the sticky PB&J residue on her face), it was bedtime, and when Hubby discovered the extent of the dirt-wearing, he took Small Fry up for a bath while I got the other two in jammies and ready to go upstairs.  Large acted like she was going to be sick again, so I sent her running to the bathroom (in just her undies) before she'd even gotten her jammies on.  She came back and went to get jammies out of the jammie dresser, and so I pointed her to the ones she'd already picked out.  She got them on, laid back down on the couch, and when I glanced at her two minutes later, finally at a point that I could stop and herd both Large and Medium up to bed, she was sound asleep.  At that point I figured I'd just let her sleep and let Hubby figure out how to get her up to bed.

Large Fry's birthday is on Wednesday.

I really hope that she's not really sick.  She's been soooo looking forward to her birthday this week.

Given that she has no fever, and that she is quite sensitive to our levels of stress (which have been admittedly high this week), we suspect that it's probably just a stress reaction.  We'll take it easy tomorrow just to be safe.

My poor girl.

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