Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Movie Quotes My Kids Won't Get

After this afternoon's rip-roaring naptime adventure (which involved very little actual sleep), and relating to Hubby my posting of a friend's photo that challenged folks to replace a word in a movie title with "bacon" and comment with their baconated creations, it's no surprise I'm thinking in movie lines.

Actually, it's no surprise that I think in movie lines at any given point in time whatsoever.

But after Hubby went up to rouse the nap-ees, and found Large sitting in her doorway shouting down the hall to Medium, and Medium (from her bed) shouting back, I had only one thought:

The first rule of naptime is...you don't talk about [during] naptime.

Yeah, I'm thinking I should've gotten sleep.  Or something.

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