Friday, July 27, 2012

So far today...

  • I moved to the "fluffiness of lurve" couch in the den (so named by Hubby) because, between Hubby and both twins, there was no room for me in my own bed.  (Hey, 3a counts as "today," right?)  For the record, I moved for two reasons: one, there wasn't room for me, even if I laid on my side; and two, I love my kids enough to let them sleep peacefully.  Besides, the sectional in the den is really comfy.
  • I was awakened by Medium Fry, who poked me and said, "Daddy says to come back up to bed."  I arrived in my room just in time to hear Hubby gently chastising Small (who was second to arrive in our bed in the wee hours), "Mommy shouldn't have to leave her bed for you."
  • Vaguely managed to remember it's my wedding anniversary.
  • Got dressed.  (Major accomplishment today.)
  • Discovered that the kids were all dressed and had breakfast while I was half-awake and mostly out of it.
  • Made Medium Fry cry at least three times in less than ten minutes.
  • Lost the spoon I got out when I retrieved my yogurt breakfast from the fridge.
  • Found the spoon.
  • Ate a container of Yoplait.
  • Got my business website finally up and publicly running.  (It's only taken me five days and so many mental calisthenics that I think I have a permanent brain cramp.)
  • Just now realized it's 12:30 and I need to make lunch.

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