Saturday, July 7, 2012

Must Be Doing Something Right

To protect all my lovely (and expensive) new furniture, I decided even before we moved that it was time to invest in Soft Caps for the cats' front claws.  We had long ago made the decision not to declaw the cats, and I figured these were the best way to keep both my cats and me happy.

They're just little silicone caps that you fit on over the claw itself, and what's essentially superglue keeps them on.  According to the manufacturer, after 6-8 weeks, as the outer layer of the claw sloughs off naturally, the caps fall off too.  They come in a range of colors, from clear to sparkly pink to blue.  I tried to use a different color for each cat, just so that I would know who lost a cap. And I once gave Pa'ani pink caps because he'd ticked me off during his pedicure.

Now, the manufacturer clearly doesn't know my cats.  They are not normal.  Usually, less than half the caps fall off on their own (which the kids occasionally find, and bring to me).  I have to get the rest off myself, before the claw grows so much that it hits the toe pad.

It was very comical to watch BIL do a double-take after seeing Pa'ani's toes, which were capped in purple at the time.  "Did you paint their claws?" he asked.  I chuckled and explained.  He'd never heard of such a thing, but agreed it was a practical way to keep my furniture from being destroyed.

I told you that story to tell you this one.

Koa's claws had grown dangerously long inside her reverse-french-pedicure caps (white, with pink on the tips).  I knew I had to put on a new set of caps.  I'd been putting it off, though, because Koa is a pain in the heinie when it comes to pedicures.  She yowls.  She fights.  She tries to bite.  She fights some more.  It's tiring and irritating.

But she sat half on my lap tonight, and I decided it was time.  She yowled and bucked the whole way to the kitchen, where I retrieved my basket of kitty supplies.

The Fries all crowded around to watch (I usually do this after bedtime, just so the cat doesn't get further irritated by kids).

The claw trimmers work well at getting the remaining old caps off, and as Koa howled her indignation, the girls peppered me with questions.  No, it doesn't hurt her.  She doesn't like it.  Yes, I need to do this, so her claws don't hurt her toe pads.  No, the caps don't hurt.  And on.

Koa broke free after I got one paw recapped, and I chased her downstairs.  I caught her and she yowled all the way back to the dining room, where I'd been working on her claws.  Hubby hung up with his mom and came to help.  He held Koa still for another minute after the last cap was on--there's no way my cats are going to hold still for the recommended "five minutes"--while I put the glue and claw trimmers back in the basket.

Small Fry pulled out another package.  "Why didn't you use dese ones, Mommy?"  The caps were dark gray and blue.  Blue is Mika's color (it matches his collar).

Gray is Keiki's, usually.

Also in the basket was a set of the sparkly light pink and hot pink caps.  Popoki's cap color was always the sparkly pink.  At Keiki's last little pedicure, I put the hot pink caps on her toes.

My head dropped into my hands as I fought tears unsuccessfully.

"You okay?" Hubby asked, letting Koa go to lick her emotional wounds.

I shook my head.

"Are you sick?"

I shook my head again.




I nodded.

"Why is Mommy crying?" Large asked.

"Because she misses Popoki and Keiki."

Two sets of little arms wrapped around me as I cried.

"You should give Mommy a hug, too.  It'll help her feel better."  A third set of little arms came around me from the other side.

"It's okay, Mommy," Large said encouragingly.

I pulled myself together and Hubby sent the kids to clean up dinner stuff.  I put away my basket and threw away the old caps I'd taken off.

Hubby called to Large Fry to come get her plate and cup, just as she appeared in front of me, holding a sheet of lined looseleaf paper.  (I'd found a bunch during our move, and put it in the craft bin for the kids to use.)  "Here, Mommy!"

I took the sheet of paper, blank on the side facing me.  I turned it over, and smiled as my eyes felt watery again.
Large's picture.  Love the spellings.

"I drew it for you, so you can always remember and be happy!"

She'd drawn Popoki and Keiki together, and the size ratios were just about right.

"Why are you smiling and crying?"

I gave Large what must have been a very watery smile.  "Because sometimes it's possible to be very sad and very happy at the same time."

Golly, I love my kids.

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