Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puppet Show

This morning, I took all three kids to Miss Lowwry's for the twins' counseling appointment.

Summertime twin appointments are a bit of a challenge.  I bring a book with me regardless of whose appointment we're there for, since I need to occupy myself, and only singing along with the oldies station she has playing in the waiting room gets boring after awhile.  But on twin appointment days, Large Fry tags along, and wants to be more involved than she's really allowed to.

The first few twin appointments were a huge struggle for Large, because she wanted to go spend time with the counselor too...despite the fact that she gets her own appointment, and the twins don't usually have to tag along, since it's Hubby's day off.  Plus, we're there for two hours.  Miss Lowwry works with one twin while the other plays, they switch off, and then she works together with the two of them for a bit.  At least, that's how it worked during the school year.  Large Fry complicates things.  Fortunately, Miss Lowwry lets the two who aren't in session pick out some toys to play with.

So, that's what happened this morning.  It was Small's turn to go first (we have to keep track of these things, you know), and so Large and Medium hauled out coloring books and crayons and (Large) and a huge Scooby-Doo and a stuffed kitty and these two good-sized bear puppets (Medium).

Generally speaking, Large and Medium play well together.  I have bigger issues when Small enters the mix, and Large and Medium decide they don't want her "wrecking" their fun.

How the kids amuse themselves varies from week to week.  Today, while Small was in session, Large and Medium staged a puppet show.  With the bear puppets.  And the kitty.  The loveseat in the waiting room served as their puppet stage.

"Are you ready for the first part, Mommy?" Large said with glee.

"Sure," I said, and set my book aside for the moment.

They jabbered back and forth--Medium did surprisingly well at making the bear's mouth move, given that the bear itself is more than half her height.  The kitty (Large Fry) went wild, licking at the bear (Medium), causing it to shriek giddily.

"Are you ready for the second part, Mommy?" Large asked again.


More antics.  A pause while they regrouped.  I read another two paragraphs.  (Clearly, this was not going to be one of those days when I got to read a lot.  This was going to be audience participation.)

"Are you ready for the third part, Mommy?"


By now, Large had abandoned the kitty (which wasn't really a puppet) and grabbed the other bear puppet.

"Dey'wre getting mawrried," Medium announced, attempting to make the bears hug.

Large attempted to smoosh her bear's mouth against Medium's bear's mouth.  "They have to kiss; that's how they get babies."

I'm trying not to laugh outright as the bears French kiss.

"I don't see any babies," Medium said with concern.  "Oh, dewre dey awre, coming out her butt!"


Yeah, I'm surprised I didn't herniate myself trying not to guffaw, too.

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