Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's late.

I have been trying to catch up on the shows I regularly watch...erm...irregularly watch but have set up for series recording of all new episodes.

Tonight, it was a marathon of NCIS, to at least get me into the current season (I almost made it).

In between episodes of the show, when the DVR is deleting the old episode, the tv reverts back to the channel watched previously.  In this case, Disney Junior.

As last season's finale finished, and I deleted the episode, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse appeared back on the tv.

Those of you who've watched the show are very familiar with Toodles, the magical Mouseketool-bringing helper.

"Oh, dear!" Mickey exclaims.  Cue whatever problem now requires a Mouseketool.  "You know what we have to say!"

"Oh, Toodles!" the whole gang choruses.

"Getcher freakin' butt out here, Toodles," Hubby muttered as he half-stumbled out of the room.

Yeah, definitely bedtime.

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