Saturday, December 29, 2012

Working from Home

I hung out my digital shingle earlier this year, and I've had pretty steady work as an editor since then.

This afternoon, I was busy editing a children's book manuscript, finishing the readthrough and then entering the line edits before sending it back to my client.

The Fries had spent most of the morning watching movies and running around in their jammies.

After they had  lunch, I let them watch one last video (The League of Incredible Vegetables) before giving them the boot to go play elsewhere in the house.

Despite getting the theme song stuck in my head (see previous post), I kept working.

Then Small Fry walked in with her baby doll that she got for Christmas.  "I tol' Lawrge Fwy dat only mommies can stop babies fwom cwying an' get 'em to sleep.  You awre Mommy."  She held out the doll.  "Can you get hewr to sleep?"

I took her dolly and started rocking it in my arms.  Small smiled sweetly and skipped out of the room.

Yes, if you must know, I kept rocking gently after Small left.

She came back about three minutes later.

"Da baby is asleep now," she told me, and held out her hands.

I returned her dolly, and whispered, "Okay.  I don't want to wake her up."

About five minutes later, Small and her baby were back.  "Lawrge was loud an' woke her up."

I gently took the baby Small held out.

"Hewr name is Honeybun," Small said seriously.

I nodded and looked down at the dolly I was once again rocking.

Then I took a picture and tweeted it on my business account.

I then propped the baby doll on my shoulder so I could still work and kept entering line edits until Famous Singer Namesake arrived, and I went to meet him out in the kitchen.

In fact, I didn't pass off the baby to Small Fry until I needed to locate a Tupperware bowl for him.

I know, I'm nuts.

But I'm a good mom.


  1. You are indeed a good mom.

    May all of you have a wonderful New Year in that incredible home you have created for those little girls.

  2. Yes, you most certainly are. It's funny what we do for the kids.


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