Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Silly kitty!"

This morning, as I was hunting down a clean shirt for Large Fry (I'm kinda behind on's been one of those weeks), she observed that the Weasel was awfully whiny.

"Maybe he's hungry," she said.

I pulled more jeans from the dryer.  "Go see if they need food."

"Well!" I heard a few moments later.  "Silly kitties!  They ate all of their food!  That's so silly!"

I came out of the laundry room with a clean shirt for her.  "They're supposed to eat their food."

"They ate it so much that it's all gone!  That's so silly!"

"It's not silly.  They need to eat their food."

Scooping of kibble and dumping it in bowls commenced as Minou wandered out of the shop room where we keep the kitty food.

"I can't believe they ate it all.  Silly kitties!  So silly!"

I gave up.

Silly Mommy.  Of course the kitties are silly for eating their food.

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