Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Inquisitor Strikes Again

Hubby and the Fries just got home from church.

I had stayed home because ... well, because my ankle is far older than the rest of me right now, and I've been in pretty severe pain for the last three days.


Hubby came into our room, where I've been resting and hoping the painkillers and anti-inflammatories I was prescribed today will kick in and cut some of the fiery pain in my ankle.

And he related this conversation that occurred on the very short, four-minute drive from the church to the house:

Medium: What's Two-D's middle name?

Hubby: I don't know.

Medium: What's Sha's middle name?

Hubby: I don't know.

Medium: What's my middle name?

Hubby: Seasonal.  [It really is.  Appropriately seasonal, that is.]

Medium: Is my name Medium Seasonal HLN [Hubby's Last Name]?

Hubby: No, your name is Medium Seasonal MMN [My Maiden Name].

Medium: Why don't I have a HLN in my name?

Hubby: Well, MMN is the name you were born with.

Medium: Can I change my name?

Hubby: Well, yes, when you're old enough, you can change your name to whatever you want.

Medium: Den I'm gonna change my name to Medium HLN!

Small Fry [not to be outdone]: An' I'm gonna change mine to Liwwy!

Ooooookay...  (Admittedly, it's also the first name of one of the girls in the youth group that all the Fries adore.)

And after they came into the house, it continued:

Small: If I change my name to Liwwy, will you call me Liwwy?

Hubby: Sure.  Go get ready for bed, Liwwy.

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