Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid-Meal Grace

I was sitting at the dining room table tonight with Large and Medium Fries, having dinner.  Large had prayed at the start of the meal.

Apparently, they both really enjoyed tonight's ziti, because they both thanked me for making this "yummy food!"

About halfway through the meal, Medium looked over at me.

"Thank--" she began, then she stopped.

Instead, she turned her eyes heavenward.

"God, thank you fowr making dis food.  Thank you for making it!  Thank you for being good and awesome and nice and wright!"

And then...

Medium blew God a kiss.

She grinned at me.  "I blew Him a kiss!" she said, equal parts impish and loving.

Then she flung out her hands towards heaven.

"And I frew Him a hug!"

I have to believe God's grin was bigger than mine.

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