Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another One for the List

The list of things that should never go through the washer and dryer, that is.

Vaseline Intensive Lip Therapy tubes.

Which, of course, I didn't discover said item had gone through both the wash and dry cycles until I was pulling a load out of the dryer and heard something clatter against the dryer drum.

"Oh, no," I muttered.

First I found the cap.

Then I found the tube...which used to hold the lip stuff.  Which was now empty.

I tossed them both in the trash can and emptied out the rest of the clothes.

And that's when I discovered that I would pretty much need to re-wash the entire load.  There were Vaseline Intensive Lip Therapy grease spots all over everything.


Thankfully, I had just stocked up on what my mom hailed to me as the best stain remover she'd seen in a long time: Resolve stain sticks.

I was impressed by how well the stain stick removed all the ink with which Small Fry had decorated her light pink monkey shirt.

It removed grease spots well, too, and didn't have to sit as long as the Shout Foaming aerosol spray, which also works well, but it has the downside of long soaking times and the inability to treat and walk away, since you're not supposed to let it dry on your clothes.

It's my new love.

So my new love and I attacked an entire basket of clothes, treating grease spots.  If I let it sit for a day or two, it'll come out and I shouldn't have to retreat.  Love that.

It took me an entire stick plus about half of another to treat all of the spots on most of the clothes in that load.

An entire stick, and then some. That's a lot of spots.

And it wasn't all of the clothes, either.

I decided that Hubby would just have to deal with grease spots on his boxer shorts, since they were his own fault.

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