Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tuck, Round Two

Hubby tucked the Fries in tonight, because I needed to hunker down, get a load of laundry done, and get my newsletter written for work, and then go to bed (do not remind me what time it is).  I'm fighting the tail end of Monday night's nasty migraine, which was nasty enough that I'm willing to cough up the money for a drop-in day for the twins at day care tomorrow.  Hubby usually doesn't go in to work until noonish on Thursdays, but he has meetings all morning in our old town, and I got teary at the thought of my poor head and happy, loud kids all. day. long.

Once the kids were safely tucked in, Hubby ran out to the store.  We were out of very important things, like kids' toothpaste and milk and bread.

I'm sitting in the den, which is directly under the twins' room, and I hear muffled wailing.

I tried to ignore it and work.

Not so much, for the wailing was not abating.

I went upstairs to see what the problem was.

Medium whimpered.  "We saw Daddy leaving!  I don't want him to leave!"

"He just went to the store!" I exclaimed.

There were sniffles.

"He'll be back," I promised.

Then I tried to leave the room.


"Mommy, I want you to tuck us," Small Fry piped up as I closed the door.

I came back in and hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed and said "I love you" about eight times.

I took one step.

"Tuck means you pull the blankets over us!" Small declared.

They had both kicked off their sheets and comforters in the short timespan between Hubby's departure and my arrival.

I pulled the covers back up on both of them, as they watched me with impish faces.

One more round of "I love you," and I closed the door.

"Good night, Mommy," Small shouted.

I opened the door again.  I looked pointedly at both Fries.  "Good night.  Go to sleep."

They were still grinning impishly when I closed the door again.


  1. "Good Night Mommy". You don't know how blessed you are to hear that.

    What you and your husband have done is beyond amazing.

    I was in the foster system, and ended up with amazing parents. I'm very lucky as well.

    1. On the contrary...I'm reminded every time I hear it how blessed I am. They are words I never thought I'd hear. From the point we decided we were ready to have children until we had to stop trying (due to various life hiccups), we suffered through seven years of infertility. Even after the girls moved in with us, I was still quite sure I wouldn't ever hear those words.

      For what it's worth, I think your decision regarding Brigid Jr. was equally amazing and a totally selfless act of love. In that decision alone, you proved you have what it takes to be a true mom. I only wish you had that blessing later on. And I'm glad you have some semblance of a relationship now with Brigid Jr.

      Hubby and I were incredibly lucky that my parents were so totally in our corner with this adventure, as was his mom (his dad passed nine years before we took in the girls; I wish he could have known them).

      And thanks...I appreciate your words, more than you know.


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