Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pronunciation Lessons

Medium: What's dat white stuff?

Me: Sour cream.

Medium: Sow-ah cweem.

Boppa: Sow-er cream?

Medium: No, sow-ah cweem.  Sow-uh-uh-uh cweem.

Boppa: Sow-ah cream?

Medium: You'wre missing da point!

***    ***    ***


As I was typing this up, and trying to remember this dinner conversation from last night, I asked Dad about Medium's near-guffaw-inducing line, because I couldn't remember if she'd actually said "You'wre missing da point," or if it was another similar phrase.

Dad looked at me kinda blankly.

"Last night.  Pronunciation lesson," I said.

"Ah."  He shook his head.  "I don't remember."  He hefted the full trash bag out of the kitchen trash can.  "Sow-uh cweem," he said on his way to the garage.

"Sow-woo cweem," Medium corrected.

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