Saturday, February 18, 2012

The cats don't count?

As I walked Large Fry home from school one afternoon this week, she made a startling announcement.

"I can't wait 'til we can get a pet!"

Wait, what?

"We have pets," I pointed out.  "We have kitties."  In fact, the kitties outnumber the people.

"Not them.  I want a pet panda bear."

Thankfully she was in front of me, and didn't see me trying to stuff my eyes back in their sockets.  I had to wonder how illegal a pet marsupial would be.

Between Small Fry asking Santa for a pet reindeer and now Large wanting a pet panda bear, we're in big trouble.

Maybe I can dress Po up in a panda costume....


  1. If you do, I want pics and a scan of the emergency room bill for the visit you'll make after the attempt.

    1. To be honest, Po would probably mostly cooperate. When she got irritated, she'd just get up and leave.

      She's 14. And boring in that respect.

      You want excitement, you try to do something like that to Koa.


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