Saturday, February 18, 2012

That's some interesting theology....

A few weeks ago, Small Fry was adamant that PeeJay, the senior pastor at our church was at least as smart as God.  If not more so, really.  I was entertained enough that I posted a brief recounting of the conversation on his Facebook wall.

He was very impressed with that, and said the next morning in church that he admired the job we were doing, raising our children in accordance with Proverbs 22:6.

I told him I was very pleased with his humility.

Tonight, at dinner, I was trying to get the twin Fries to eat while Hubby was upstairs giving Large Fry a bath.

In an effort to keep Small from attempting to boss around her twin, I reminded her that she was not in charge.

A few minutes later, Medium casually announced, "I'm in chawrge of God."

I did a mental double-take.  "Is that so?"

"God is in chawrge of everyfing else, but I'm in chawrge of Jesus and God."


I think perhaps I ought to make her listen to the sermons in church, rather than color.

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