Friday, September 27, 2013

After School Confessional, Ep. 248

On today's episode of After School Confessional, we had confessions related to the following:

~An opened bag of mini-marshmallows, which was not supposed to have been opened, but was nonetheless open, and admittedly done so without parental permission.

~The hijacking of an Ernest H. Shepard drawings-inspired Tigger (by Gund), who was liberated from the floor of Mommy's office. Because, clearly, he didn't belong there. (Of course not. He belongs up on the desk.)

~The delivery of a missive from a child's teacher, regarding homework uncompleted and not turned in, and the disciplinary action taken, requiring a parental signature. Upon reading, it was determined that Mommy had been lied to the afternoon before, when she inquired about said assignment and was told that no, the child was not required to complete it. Disciplinary proceedings are pending.

~There was tattling on the youngest sibling, perpetuated by the middle sibling, and delivered by the oldest sibling. Youngest's offense seems to have been a gaffe, and Youngest was cleared. Parental supposition is that the middle child wasn't so much looking to protect her sister, but rather to rat her out, and to give herself an alibi of sorts by asking her older sister to do the tattling. New rule established: no asking one sibling to tattle on the other.

Stay tuned for our next episode!

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1 comment:

  1. I was not supposed to have any sweets after school beyond the treat Mom had waiting (basically, no sneaking seconds).

    I wonder if she ever noticed the level of brown sugar in that Tupperware container seemed to go down awfully fast a spoon full at a time.

    Looking forward to the next installment of marshmallow mysteries!


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