Monday, September 9, 2013

You just keep that attitude, sweetheart.

One afternoon last week, as I was walking the Fries home from school, a whole passel of shirtless teenage boys ran past.

There must have been twenty of them or so.

Cross-country, no doubt.

"Yuuuuuuck!" Medium proclaimed, averting her eyes from the runners.  "That's so gross!  I never want to see THAT again!"

Now if we can just keep her thinking that for the next thirteen or fourteen years...


  1. My parents were pretty strict, no dating until I was a junior in high school, not even a movie. Fortunately I liked working on a car with my brother better than hanging out with most of the boys I knew at that age.

    That and the giant 747 landing light wattage motion lights Dad put in the driveway in case a boy did pull in at night to talk to me.

    1. Hubby has taken your dad's actions under advisement... ;)


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