Friday, September 20, 2013


This is just a quick post to let you all know I'm recovering nicely from my Myronectomy.

However, I am vividly reminded that bone pain and tissue pain are very different. I tried scaling back my pain meds to just the OTC stuff today, after overworking my poor hand yesterday, and I'll admit it was a dumb move. Yes, both the overuse and the OTC pain pills.

Of course, forgetting when I took my last dose of pain meds is also dumb.

I'm blaming the Vicodin.

Innyhoo, there were no complications to the surgery. Myron hadn't caused any additional problems to the ligaments running over him or the joint beneath him. At least, that's what Hubby says the surgeon told him after the procedure. I didn't actually see Dr. M. after surgery.  I spent about an hour in the recovery room, got to eat some graham cookies (yum), and they sent me home with a prescription for Vicodin.  Yay, good drugs!

Mom was baking a cake when we got home. (My house smelled SO yummy.) She'd come out since we weren't sure if Hubby and I would be home before the kids got out of school. As it turned out, we got home about 45 minutes before school got out. I waited until the kids got home before I went up to bed to rest.

The twins were ecstatic to see me.  Large Fry? Not so much. She refused to even look at me. She wouldn't talk to me. She was mad. Mom finally got it out of her: Mommy was supposed to still be at the doctor's. I wasn't supposed to be home! Large had apparently been looking forward to having time just with Gramma, and I foiled that by having a quick procedure and being home early.

So, I went upstairs and snoozed until Hubby came up and asked about dinner. He was kind enough to bring it upstairs. Mom brought me a slice of the peanut butter bundt cake that she made. I slept between Vicodin doses.
Mika takes his job seriously, albeit sleepily.

And my feline nurse hovered worriedly. He even tried to block me from going downstairs when Mom left after helping me tuck the Fries in bed. Mika hasn't been far from me since, although he doesn't hover nearly as closely as he did the first couple of days.

My wrist is growling severely at me, and reminding me it's been too long since I've taken any pain meds.

Innyhoo, I'm feeling better, which is why I'm clearly able to do too much and pay for it later, and I see the surgeon for my follow-up on Tuesday.

Mika just hopped on my lap. I think he's telling me it's time for bed. And I agree.

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