Thursday, September 12, 2013

Further Misadventures of Myron

Okay, so, Myron being named as a migrant is something of a misnomer...

Myron came into being as I said, during the accident in July of 2009.  I was mistaken as to his point of origination, however.

Myron is technically a bone spur, born of an avulsion fracture of the triquetrum bone (bone C) that occurred in the accident...and got totally missed.  Never having been put back into the proper place, the chipped-off bone (that'd be Myron) remained where it was, floating above where it belonged, and the natural regrowth of new bone that happens after a fracture ultimately tethered Myron to the triquetrum from whence he came.

So, Myron extends out from the triquetrum bone, right under the ligaments and tendons, who are now quite cranky about his presence.  Four years of rasping against Myron during wrist motion was more than enough.

Myron does not have long to live.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday, just before noon.  It should be a relatively simple procedure, and my surgeon will look at the ligaments that have been irritated by Myron, and check the joint beneath to make sure it's okay.

I had my preop appointment today, and I'm good to go.

Dr. M says that I should feel a lot better once I'm past the surgery and healed up.

I can't wait.


  1. You'll be in my thoughts, any kind of ortho surgery is not fun!

    1. I came through with flying colors. There's no damage to the ligaments or to the underlying joint. I'm feeling better, but still need my dear friend Vicodin to get through the day.


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