Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feet on the Ground

Awhile back, I got an email from my crazy Aunt Pat (who will be honored to be featured as such here).  Crazy in this case is a very good thing.  Her completely offbeat sense of humor and delight in choosing the perfect silly gifts are just two of the things I love about her.

In her email, she explained that she had plaster casts of her feet.

Would I be interested in having them for the Fries, who could use them as sidewalk chalk?

Okay, we just had to have these.  Somehow, they are just better than Easter-egg shaped chalk.

So I emailed her back that we'd love to have her plaster feet, and the kids would really enjoy being able to use them.  Yes, we sure do allow them to scribble all over the patio, driveway, and sidewalk with chalk.  It washes away when it rains.  What's not to love about sidewalk chalk?

Aunt Pat emailed back to say that she would send them back with her sister to deliver to my mom, after my other aunt was there to visit.  I brought them home with us when we were out at my folks' for Labor Day.

Medium was the first to attempt using one of the feet to draw outside.

And she wanted me to be sure to send the pictures of her efforts to Aunt Pat:

Foot chalk requires a two-handed approach.

Form suffers when the chalk is bigger than both your hands.

Medium does know how to spell the important words.

Such long legs.

This sentence is incomplete without a heart.

"I need to draw a heart here, Mommy!"

"Take a picture and send it to Auntie Pat!"

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