Friday, August 30, 2013

Her Daddy's Girl

When the Fries get home from school in the afternoon, I make sure they get a snack.  It helps their brains wake back up, and helps them be less grouchy with each other (and me).

This morning, Medium asked, "Mommy? When we get home today, can I have a snack?"

"Of course, honey."

"I know just what I'm going to have!"

"What's that?"

"Peanut Butter Spoons!"

I had to shove my eyes back in my head real quick.  "What?  No!  You can't have Peanut Butter Spoons."

"Can I have a snack with peanut butter then?"

"Yes, you can.  Just not Peanut Butter Spoons."

"Okay.  I looooove peanut butter!"

On the one hand, all I can think of is this scene:

On the other, she's her daddy's girl, all right.

He apparently told her that he used to have Peanut Butter Spoons for snack after school when he was little.

Thanks, hon.  Thanks ever so much.


  1. Peanut butter spoons? Like a spoonful of peanut butter as a snack? Sounds yummy to me!

    1. Yup, exactly like that. Hubby allows it. (It's the after-school snack he used to have when he was a kid.) I don't like it because a) the concept of double-dipping lives on, and they don't know not to do such a thing, and b) we go through peanut butter fast enough as it is without losing a heaping tablespoon or three every day.


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