Monday, August 19, 2013

Mixed Movies (Sort Of)

As I was getting dressed this morning, Medium Fry came in to lodge a complaint.

"Mama, Duckie needs a cuddle."

I smiled.  The kids just love Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins, and the character Lambie is always ready to give a cuddle to help a toy (or a person) to feel better.

And it's usually Medium who needs a cuddle or whose toy needs a cuddle from Mommy.

I think it's adorable.

Indignant now, Medium went on.  "An' Lawrge Fwy won't leave Duckie alone!  She'll pinch his cheeks.  He hates that."

I had to stop a chuckle.

It's almost word for word what the grandson tells his mom in the opening scene of The Princess Bride about why he doesn't want to see his grandfather.

Which Medium has never seen.

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