Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yesterday's Quote

That grasshopper from yesterday?

I found out about five minutes ago that the twins had decided to keep it.

As a pet.

In their room.

Now, I held a baby Emperor scorpion when the Fries and I went to see the Bug Man at the local library in my folks' town, when we spent a week there while Hubby was away on his mission trip with the teens.  (Yes, it was kind of surreal.)  Large and Medium both held a rosy tarantula.  Medium also held a grasshopper...much larger than the one Small squealed about yesterday.

I'm okay with that.

It helped them to no longer shriek in high decibels any time they came across a bug.  And that's a very good thing.

You'll note I didn't hold the grasshopper, though.

They are fine bugs.  I'm happy to have them around.  They make the summer air sing.  They're quite nice...as long as they're not in my house.  (Or in a dissection tray in front of me, like in 10th grade biology.  *shudders*  Ew.)

I was not aware that the grasshopper had been kept as a pet (the poor thing), nor that it had spent the night in a box in the twins' room.

Or that the twins had named the grasshopper after Mitzy.  (Isn't she lucky?)

I did, however, immediately order the liberation of "Mitzy" from the house.

That poor grasshopper has to be so frightened.  The girls have placed her in a "house" they've constructed of flowers and grass and a bird's nest Hubby found in the side yard several weeks ago.  They're panicking because "Mitzy" is trying to escape.  I'm hoping that "Mitzy" will be able to get herself gone in a hurry when I call the kids in for lunch in a little bit.

Of course, there will be tears, but we'll always have the memories.  "Mitzy" is a bug, and bugs live outside.



Oh, Medium wants me to take a picture of her holding "Mitzy."  Well, at least this way we'll have documentation.


Better go get the camera.

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