Friday, August 9, 2013

You have to wonder about their hearing sometimes...

We're in the car, having dropped off Snugglebear (one of our youth group teens) and her younger sister after today's youth "group" pool fun (it was the two of them and the five of us).

We're listening to the Boyz in the Sink, by popular request.

Large Fry is trying to communicate to us which song on the CD is her favorite.  She wants us to skip ahead to it.

It's not working.

"You know, the one!" she explains.  (And exclaims.)

Oh, that makes such a difference.

Our confusion persists.

Her frustration at our apparent stupidity persists.

"Which song, honey?" I tried again.

"'s the 'Monkey Paducah' one!"

Hubby and I just looked at each other.

The light dawned a bit quicker for me.

Go on, check out the link.  See if you can guess which of the songs is the "Monkey Paducah."  I'll wait.

Got your guess?

Okay, good.

I tipped my head thoughtfully.  "Do you mean the 'Funky Polka'?"


Hubby's eyes went the size of saucers and he clapped a hand over his mouth in order to not laugh at all, and I had to look out the opposite window and not at him, or I surely would've lost it.

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