Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ability to Handle Public Humiliation Required

If you're applying for a job as a youth pastor, and this isn't listed in the job description, somebody goofed.

You might remember last year's Pie Wars, the epic conclusion to our VBS program.  And my report from June regarding the results of this year's VBS fundraising rewards.

Zero hour came tonight.

And I was so disappointed that I just couldn't handle going.  I've had a rough week, pain-wise, mostly due to the impending storms that booming through.  My wrist hurt.  My head ached.  The thought of being in the presence of that many happy, screaming kids made me want to cry.  The thought of not going did make me cry...but the thought of going made me cry even more.

I stayed home.


I have wonderful friends.

Within minutes of the hallowed event, Mr. D's wife had tagged me in a photo on Facebook.

Photo credit: A. Bostick

In fact, she told me, Medium Fry was one of the ones who got to slime him after the pieing.

I've never been so proud.

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