Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things I've Been Asked in the Last 15 Minutes

"Why is Sleeping Beauty asleep?"

"Why is she unconscious?"

"What's unconscious?"

"They didn't want her to die?"

"Who's Meriweather?"

"Do you know about sleepwalking?"

"Do you sleepwalk?"

"Do I sleepwalk?" (Large Fry, who has a few times.)

"Do I?"  (Medium, who hasn't.)

"Do I?"  (Small, who also hasn't.)

"Do you know anyone who does sleepwalking?"

"Why do people sleepwalk?"

"Why are they putting everyone to sleep?"

A thousand bonus points to whoever can tell me what movie we're watching.


  1. Meriweather was one of the three good fairies in the original late 50's Sleeping Beauty. The sleepwalking bit has me stumped though.

    1. That's the movie we were watching.

      I have no idea how they made the jump to sleepwalking. See Rule #2 for why I didn't ask. ;)


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