Thursday, June 13, 2013

VBS results

So, VBS wrapped up tonight.

Of course, the kids were challenged to raise money again, with increasing rewards.

If they raised $200, they got a picnic.

If they raised $300, they got a picnic AND a bouncy castle.

If they raised $400, they'd get a picnic with a bouncy castle, AND a dunk tank with King D (this year's emcee) on the hot seat.

And if they raised $500 (all the proceeds go to a local charity)...they'd get the picnic, bouncy castle, dunk the king dunk tank, AND get to both pie Hubby in the face and green-slime him.

As of last night, their offering total was a paltry $176.

There's just no way, Hubby thought. No way.

The total tonight?


Five hundred ninety-six dollars!

Never let it be said that the kids at our church don't love their youth pastor...or love getting to cream him.

Five hundred ninety-six bucks.

By the way, Hubby gave each of the Fries $10 in support of the cause.

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