Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hidden Benefits

**PSA: Squeamish Warning, Level 3; Hernia Mesh Warning, Level 5**  (Yes, Dad, I'm looking at you.)

While there are certainly quite a few things I do not like as a result of my hysterectomy back in January—I'll refrain from giving you a list—there have been hidden benefits.

No more money spent on "feminine needs."

No more figuring out how to explain to the Fries why "Mommy has blood" (so charming when that got announced to the person in the hall at church one Sunday; thank you, Small Fry).

No more cramps.  No more hunting futilely for ThermaCare's menstrual heat wraps.  No more utter exhaustion from long cycles.

Of course, I traded all of those things for the insanity that is surgical menopause.  I'm not entirely sure I came out 100% on the winning end there, if one discounts the whole cancer-prevention thing.

However, I do miss the creative ways of telling my children what certain supplies were.  Granted, I have girls, so it's not like I wouldn't have to educate them anyway.

But of all the euphemisms for tampons that I've ever seen, I've never heard them called THIS before.

I giggled uncontrollably, and then sent the link to my best friend, who has three boys (lucky her).

And I couldn't help but be reminded of this video, as well!

Don't say I didn't warn you!

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