Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post from the Road: Do I have to pay mileage?

We had just gotten back on the road after a potty break when Small Fry announced in a slightly terrified voice, "Uh-oh! My tooth is gonna fall out!"

No biggie. "We'll just keep an eye on it, and you'll eat carefully."

I hadn't even known this one was that wiggly, and I really hoped we had enough change in the van in case the tooth fairy needs to visit Fort Wayne.

"Uh-oh! It's bleeding!"

I passed a napkin back to Large Fry. "Give that to Small."

Large dutifully passed it on.

"My tooth fell out!!!"

I turned in my seat. Sure enough, there's a small hole in Small's smile. "Wrap it up in the napkin and hand it up here to me. We'll leave it for the tooth fairy tonight."

Guess I'd better check the pull-out cupholder for spare change...

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