Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So far today...

*I've gotten dressed one and a half times.

* I forgot to eat breakfast.

*I did summer "school" with the kids.  Oh, the agony.  Large Fry had each of her worksheets explained to her, and then didn't do two of them right anyway...mostly because she didn't remember what I said and didn't read the directions herself.  My mother assures me this will help the kids to not lose what we've spent nine months cramming into their ears.  I think it will assure me either a sainthood or a room with rubber wallpaper.

*The neighbors are having a new roof put on their house.  I've been listening to the hydraulic nail gun all day.

*Cleaned up where one of four feline suspects anointed the basement floor—one step out from the bottom of the stairs—with pee.  After stepping in it, of course, and getting the bottoms of my jeans wet.  (There's your .5 dressed thing, if you were wondering.)  Darn it, I put up the Feliway diffuser in the basement last night!

*I washed a load of clothes.

*I am not thinking about the four loads of clothes I now have to fold.

*Fixed lunch.  Making PBJ sandwiches is always a challenge when you can't really move your wrist.

*Made Large Fry redo the worksheet that she did totally wrong.

*Put wash in the dryer, and started another load.

*Mediated dispute over Small Fry pretending to cut down a tree in the yard with a "big stick" (*gasp* Stick? That's rebar!) and smacking Medium Fry in the head.  I took them outside to have them show me what on earth happened.  Small was taking the rebar to the tree and smacking the heck out of it to "cut" it down.  More rebar was on the ground, covered by the mower shield, and various other things the kids had kiped for playthings...all of which were NOT playthings...when they have plenty of toys...and all but one or two had been taken out of the shed.  Which Hubby explicitly told ALL of them, just the other day, that they were NOT to take things out of the shed and play with them.

*Ordered them to put all the stuff away, and reminded them of what Daddy had said.  And then I warned that consequences would be swift if I caught them doing it again when they all knew the shed was off-limits for turning its contents into playthings.  (Golly, we need a new shed that has better doors, but those things are freaking expensive!)

*I came back inside, only to have the kids follow.

*Ordered the kids outside to play because they were griping, only to have them all come back inside within five minutes, complaining of various ailments for why they couldn't go outside.

*Remembered I needed to start another load, find a printable chart for Large Fry, and try to see if I could make my old mp3 player work, because my current one died a spectacular death last night.  "One too many hits with the snake..."

*Got distracted due to mediation again.  Hubby called mid-mediation.

*Found an acceptable chart.  Printed two copies.

*Hooray!  The radiology office finally called to schedule my MRI!  Suck a duck...I can't get in until 6/24 because of our summer schedule.

*Started another load of laundry.  Mediated again.

*Forgot to go find my old Fuze.  I think I'll do that now.

*Nope, wait.  Going to shout at Large Fry for demanding she get a turn RIGHT NOW on Daddy's old tablet...which Medium has been using all of three minutes.

*NOW I'll go look for my old Fuze.

*sigh*  When does VBS start today?

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