Thursday, June 6, 2013


Baccalaureate: n. stuffy religious service to honor graduates, rarely fun, too serious, and has boring homily.

Not here, baby!

After having to solo-run last year's Baccalaureate with the high school seniors, Hubby decided he wasn't going to get tossed under that bus again this he contacted the other three youth pastors in town (the ones who are actually employed as such, rather than volunteers), pitched the idea that they should plan this shindig together, which the guys loved, and they took off running.

The result? A Baccalaureate that the students seemed to really enjoy.

At least four youth groups came to support their seniors and their youth pastors.  Local businesses got involved and donated giveaways of stuff.  A local Christian rock band (fronted by one of the youth pastors, no less) agreed to play the worship set.

And Hubby and my cousin DP got to be silly.

It's truly a life skill.

How it all started last night:

You should have heard the cheers.


Oh, I'm not ruining it for you.  Watch.

Ladies and gents, Next2Nothing:

Why yes, we can make worship ROCK.

Serious?  Us?

Finally, what I think was the key clip of B's hilarious message:

I believe the guys have succeeded.

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