Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh, of course.

The alarm rang at an ugly hour this morning.

It always does on Sundays.

When you only have one vehicle and your husband is the youth/worship pastor and has to be at church before 8a, everybody goes for both services.  Even if the church is only a mile away.  And especially when you are now completely gimped-out on your right side and can barely brush your own hair, let alone your kids'.


I didn't sleep well last night, so the alarm's announcement of a new day made me slap the snooze button several times.  Even then, I didn't want to get up.  I felt like someone had smacked me in the head with a heavy mallet, and my wrist ached.  However...must soldier on.  I'm not sick.  I can suck it up.  I'm a big girl.

Hubby went down the hall to wake the Fries while I did my morning constitutional and put in my contacts.

When he came back into our room, he said, "Small Fry seems really warm.  She gave me a hug when I woke her up, and her skin was hot.  Do we have a thermometer up here?"

Of course not.  That would make sense.  I went downstairs for the thermometer.

Small Fry was indeed toasty.  Too toasty.  The thermometer beeped at 99.5, which I knew was at least a degree off.  Our temporal thermometer has to hit just the right spot, so it's a trifle finicky, but it beats trying to make my kids hold a digital one under their tongues for a minute.  Small rolled over, and I checked the other side of her forehead.  100.5...allrightythen.  We're not going to church.  I wanted to sleep more, but not because for this reason!

There's two days of school left.

Vacation Bible School is this week.

We leave for vacation later this week.

Of course she's sick.

Hubby, Large, and Medium went to church.  Small and I went back to sleep, finally coming downstairs about 11.  Her fever was way down, thanks to the ibuprofen I'd given her when I took her temp, but she was obviously not feeling well.  She just collapsed on the couch.

When Hubby got home from church with lunch, she didn't eat much.  She drank her juice and that was it.

I still felt awful, and my head still hurt, so I went up to take a nap.  I didn't realize that Small had also gone upstairs to bed until Hubby woke me around 4:30 to say that he and the two older Fries were leaving early for Vacation Bible School.  She was still asleep, in fact.

My poor baby.

She came in to the bedroom with me, and proceeded to doze off and on for about an hour before we went back downstairs.

Her fever was up again, so more ibuprofen.  And we watched SeaWorld Shamu videos.  And Brave.  In fact, we didn't get all the way through that one.  Almost right at 8p, she asked me to stop the movie, turn off the overhead fan, cover her with a blanket, turn off the light, and turn the TV to the light classical music channel.

I really hope she feels better in the morning.

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