Sunday, September 15, 2013


Since Mom and Hubby have birthdays six days apart, and we wouldn't be able to get together closer to Hubby's birthday, she and Dad came out for church today to celebrate both birthdays in one swell foop.

Large Fry, due to a previous indiscretion, is required to sit right next to me in church, and not with her friends.

I am horrible, I know.

However, today it wasn't so bad because Large Fry got to sit between Mommy and Gramma, so all was right with her world.  She snuggled into Gramma and looked generally delighted that today she would get to celebrate the birthdays of two of her favoritest people in the world: Gramma and Daddy.

Well, Daddy was on the platform, still leading worship, when Large got especially gooshy-feeling in the heart.  She had Gramma's arm wrapped around her, but that was no longer enough.

She grabbed for my hand, and at first tried to wrap it around her shoulders, too. She quickly discovered that wouldn't work.

So she stacked our hands together.

Mom made a frantic gesture to Dad, who (after almost 45 years of marriage) promptly decodes her message and pulls out his cell phone.

Large grabbed our hands again, to get them just right on her lap.

And Dad captured this:

Three generations.

Yeah. There are no words.

And if you can't tell, Large has both of her hands surrounding mine and Mom's.  It's a hand sandwich: Large, me, Mom, and Large again.


  1. Beautiful. That is a picture you will treasure long after your girls have girls of their own.

    1. Thanks. I immediately made it my profile picture on Facebook, right after I saw that Mom had posted it. She did the same, about ten minutes later.

      Hubby commented that it's three generations...truly, three generations.

      He's right.

  2. Wow, that's a great picture. I can see that in a frame over a child's bed.


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