Saturday, March 27, 2021

Much, Much Later in the Same Day

We are leaving the Gettysburg Civil War Visitors' Center. Hubby has bought bacon and cheddar flavored crickets, solely because Middle has said she will try one.

She did. More than one, in fact.

These apparently taste like ramen. Or ramen and nothing. The flavoring is nonexistent. MBFF concurs.

Hubby takes the cricket offered to him, and claimed he thought he got the head stuck between his teeth.

I nearly gagged out the open window. Good thing it was a nice day.

"Mom, do you want one?"

Not on your Nellie. "No."

We're nuts!
"Are you sure? They're crunchy."

Gag. I flatly refused the offer. Thank you, no. Just stepping on exoskeleton-bearing insects is hard because they're crunchy.

"I'm gonna take these to school and dare kids to have me eat one!"

God bless you, girl.

~more minutes pass~

Middle: I'm gonna gulp crack cocaine!

Hubby (exasperated): You don't gulp crack cocaine!

Middle: And you don't pay attention to the things I say!

I really think these two get high on oxygen when they're together.

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