Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Rules Hat Trick

 We went back to Gettysburg today since we had such fun last week. Our bonus kid, Middle's BFF, also came along for the ride. Like last week, we stopped at the Golden Arches for breakfast. We had finished eating and were cruising along when this happened:

MBFF (to Middle): I'm trying to use your straw to stab open this ketchup packet.

I'm personally wondering when we got ketchup. I didn't see any come into the car . . .

Me: Rule #2.

MBFF (rapidly stabbing with the straw): I just want to see it explode!

Me: Rule #3.

Hubby: And Rule #1. <pause> Have any of our kids ever gotten all three Rules at once?

Me: I don't think so.

Middle: Just me. "Why don't I drink bleach?"

Me (nearly having a panic attack while laughing): Don't panic me.

Middle: Eh, you know me. Kitchen supplies, whatever.

MBFF: I'm just going to use my knife. <inspects packet closer> Oh, there's already little holes in it. 

~Several minutes pass~

MBFF: Now my knife smells like ketchup.

Hubby: Just don't get ketchup all over the car.

Me: Rule #3.

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