Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5:20 A.M.

*pat pat pat*


*pat pat pat*


I give up the pretense of getting any more sleep.  "What, honey?"

"Can you scoot over an' give me some wroom?"

It's Medium Fry, and she wants to snuggle between Hubby and me.  And it's an hour of the day that I only like to recognize once per 24-hour period, and this isn't it.

I'm laying on my left side, and I reach behind me to see how much extra room I might have.  Nada.  I'm right at the edge of the bed.  "I can't, honey.  I'm at the edge of the bed already."

*pat pat pat*

"Uncle?  Can you scoot ovewr?"

When Hubby fails to rouse to gentle patting, I push on his chest to jostle him.  "Honey, we have company."

He breaches the threshold of barely-conscious, orients himself, and announces, "We already have company."

"Well, Medium is here.  Can you move over?"

"No," he mumbles.  "I've got one kid over here, and another on my foot."

"Well, who's over there?"  I asked.

"Dunno.  I've just got a foot."  He lifts a small foot up, somewhere near his left hip.

I'm easily confused as it is, and ungodly hours of the day really don't help.  I could tell whoever it was apparently was laying on her stomach, from the way her knee bent as Hubby showed me her foot.  "Where's the rest of her?"

"Dunno!  I just got a foot."

Honestly, it looked like whichever kid had only her feet on the bed and the rest of her on the floor.

I got Medium to move around a little, sat up, turned, and located the rest of my apparently footless-kid.  Ah, foot still attached...Large had her head down by Hubby's feet, angled in such a way that she kept him from moving at all to change position.

"Large Fry," I said to Hubby.

"Medium," Hubby said gently but firmly, "go back to your own bed."

Head hanging down, and lower lip out and trembling, Medium slithered off the bed after I gave her a quick hug and kiss.

"Large, go back to your own bed."

"I want a hug," Large said.

Hubby gave her a hug, and she stumbled down the hall, passing a moping Medium.

"Medium?" Hubby called.  "Do you need a hug, too?"

She sniffed and nodded.

"Come here."

The hug consoled her enough that she didn't mope as she went back to her room.

I couldn't hold back a giggle. "'All I've got is a foot,'" I said with a chuckle.

"I know," Hubby mumbled.

It took me five minutes to stop giggling so I could go back to sleep.

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