Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grandparental Jealousy

It's Thursday.

Hubby, thanks to his new job, has to work.  It's praise team practice night.

Since I have lived on the couch in the living room since Monday night, and still feel unsteady about handling stairs, and there's no way I can stand up long enough to cook (just getting to the half bath down here is an adventure), Hubby contacted my folks to see if they would come out tonight, pick up the twin Fries from preschool, and help supervise dinner, and put the kids to bed.

If school wasn't in session, it wouldn't be such a huge ordeal...I'd just keep them all up until Hubby got home about 9ish from practice, and let him put them to bed.

But Large Fry really needs to be in bed closer to 8 than 9, soooo....

My folks agreed to come help.  Mom even brought dinner!  (Thanks, Mom.  It was yummy.)

The kids weren't as enthused, because it was something kinda new, and so there was much the way of cake.  Homemade angelfood cake, to be precise, frosted with Mom's rich chocolate icing.

I observed at one point, when there was a lull in the Fries' almost-unending conversation, that grandparental jealousy was in full force.

"Oh?" Dad asked.

"Yeah.  Medium asked Gramma Bevvie the other night if she could make a cake the next time we come."

"I was wondering why your mother made a cake in the middle of the week for no apparent reason," he said with a chuckle.

Mom came back in from the kitchen.  "Well, I couldn't let Gramma Bevvie outdo me!"

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