Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Bash

September brings two family birthdays, less than a week apart (but still nowhere near as packed as July).  Gramma's was last week.  Hubby's is this week.

Mom's birthday fell on the night that Hubby has to do his worship-pastor thing and run praise team practice.  Couldn't get together then.

Hubby was gone almost all day on Saturday, doing his youth-pastor thing with the kids at the Uprise Festival, which turned out to be lots and lots of (very) loud fun.  (I was envious.  I had lots and lots of loud, too, but very little of it was fun.)

And Hubby's birthday itself is on Wednesday, and that's another youth-pastor thing night, because it's youth group.

Clearly, we could not celebrate on either actual birthday.  And Saturday was out.

So Mom and Dad came out for church yesterday at PSC, and then we all went out to lunch.  Afterward, we came back to the youth house at PSC for cheesecake and presents.

Just as Mom and I are putting the glittery black candles on the cheesecake (Hubby's birthday is a monumental one), Small Fry announces that she has to go poopy NOW!

While she...*cough*...takes care of business, we sing to Mom again (we had a round of this in the restaurant, too).  We're on the verge of singing to Hubby, and Small is still in the potty.

Hubby goes to see how soon she'll be done, since we don't want the candles melting completely into the cake.  He stood in the open doorway and asked if she was done.

Small Fry answered in the affirmative and started to get up.  Then she sat back down.  "Another one is coming out!"

This cracked all of the adults up.

Small Fry finished up, ran out, we all sang, and then she went back to the bathroom to wash her hands.

When she came back, having not heard any water running, I asked, "Did you wash your hands?"

"No," she said.  "I used san' hanitizer."

"San' hanitizer, huh?"  I looked at Hubby.

"What did she say?" Dad asked, from the other end of the table.

"San' hanitizer," I quoted.

"Oh dear.  She's got the gene," Dad observed.

Just how easily the family spoonerizes is a story for another time, but the fact that Small did it without knowing...poor child.  She's going to have a list of phrases just like the rest of us that she has to think carefully before saying, so she gets it right.

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