Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Musical Lulls

The cd playing in the van on the way home from church tonight is one that I compiled and burned, somewhat in response to Hubby's amused observation that I'm subjecting the kids mostly to the music I like, a lot of which is stuff I grew up listening to.  This one has a mix of new songs I've discovered that I love, and old stuff that I can't seem to give up.

Needtobreathe's newest single, "Slumber," has finished.  The next song is vintage Michael W. Smith, off his third LP.  Typically MWS, it has a long introduction that slowly crescendos to full volume.

And it's in that lull between the end of "Slumber" and when the piano power chords take over in "Lamu" that this happens:

Medium Fry [to Large Fry, mimicking Hubby's sarcasm]: ...being mean, an' if you wanna be dat way, you go wright ahead an' be dat way, 'cause dat's the way you'wre gonna be.  And dat's just fine.

Hubby [echoing Medium in a quiet whisper]: And that's just fine.

He gave me an "Are you getting all this?" look.

Medium: Hey!  Awre you laughing at me up dewre?!

Hubby slapped one hand over his mouth and looked straight ahead out the windshield.

A single beat of silence follows.

Medium [parentally]: Dat's what I thought.

I could not contain my bark of laughter...

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  1. You are an artist with words! Like Bill Cosby, you know that kids are funny without even trying.

    Love to you, Hubby, and the fries!


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