Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

Small Fry is home sick from preschool today.  She's running just enough of a fever that I didn't want to send her to school and expose the other kids (although, Medium went, so that might be moot), and her teachers don't need to put up with her attitude when she's feverish like this.  I love the little booger, but she can try my patience when she's sick.  The teachers don't need that....


Once I got Large Fry off to school, and got payroll finished, and was trying to catch up on notes after making some adjustments to payroll that was supposedly done, and I got some ibuprofen in her, Small Fry is happily watching Tangled and coloring.

It's cool enough these days that we have the downstairs window A/C unit off...but still warm enough in the house (especially with a laptop on my lap) that I have the tower fan on, oscillating across the room to keep it comfy.

And that's when Small Fry pipes up, as I'm scribbling notes on my recent conversation with Dahling in the office.

"Fan, you'wre messing up my wowrk!  Stop it!"

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