Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Salad Shooters

It's a lovely day here, and so I'm sitting outside, despite the two neighbors mowing their grass and giving my ground-mold allergies fits.  I'm still sitting outside.  We had so much rain last week that I'm still getting over my rainy-day gloomees.

Large Fry came home from school about ten minutes after I and my bag of popcorn settled into a comfy chair on the front porch I don't get to use nearly often enough.  She kiped two and a half small bowls of my popcorn and was about to go run off to play when she noticed the little girl standing at our driveway.

"It's my friend!" she announced cheerily.

Then she wanted to go over to her friend's house.  I nixed that, because I've never seen this girl before (she does live just across the street), and I don't know her parent(s).  I said she needed to stay in our yard.  A few minutes later, she wanted to show her friend her bedroom.

Well, right now, Large is stuck sharing a room with her sisters while the carpet in her room gets treated (thank you, Keiki).  And my house is a terrible mess because I haven't been able to do much with two bum ankles and a bum wrist.  So, no.  We're not going to show-and-tell my house today.

I had just finished complaining to Hubby via text that I was hurting today (I'm wearing the lovely bulky ankle brace again today after several days without, so that should tell you something) when I realized I was about out of Dr Pepper and I'd better go inside and get some, and some ibuprofen, before Hubby got home and asked if I'd actually taken something for my various aches and pains.

I came back outside with my new can of Dr Pepper and some ibuprofen to find Large Fry teetering on the edge of trespassing in the neighbor's yard, with her and her friend carrying two of our little green buckets.  I don't figure the neighbor will care, but they have buckets, and they're approaching trees and shrubs...

"Large Fry, what are you doing?"

She shouts something back, but due to the lawnmowers nearby, I can't quite hear what it is that they're hunting.

I ask her to come closer, because I can't hear her.  She runs forward about ten feet.  "I said lettuce!"

I nodded, and she and her friend went back to hunting "lettuce."

"Just find lettuce in our yard, please!" I called as I sat back down on the porch.  (I'm gonna miss this porch.)

As our other neighbor mowed along the front section, getting both his half of the front patch and ours (thanks), Large Fry came running up, hands cupped together, screaming, "Butterfly!"  She proudly showed off the barely-alive (if at all) moth she'd caught, to both me and our neighbor.

They're still happily playing.

I think I'll read the book I brought out here.  My original intent when I came out here, really.

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