Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not-so-old Story #2

So about a month ago, the Fries were playing dress-up.

Small.  Not pregnant.
The results were entertaining enough that I went to grab my camera when I saw what they were doing.

Hubby came out as I was shooting pictures and grinned, too.

He looked down at Small Fry.  "Are you pregnant?" he asked.

Large and Medium enthusiastically agreed.  Small, however, disagreed with about as much enthusiasm.

She imperiously informed us, "I have big nippewls, like Mommy does."

Now, I told you that, so I could tell you about this.

Medium Fry has grabbed two of her little barbies.  One is a generic Snow White princess, the other is Disney's Iridessa fairy barbie, who is less endowed than Snow.  Medium is holding them so they're facing each other, chests touching.

"How come they have big nippewls like you?" she asked.

Yeah.  How would you have answered that?

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