Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today is not a "normal" day.  Two-D is here to play with the Fries today; she's one of the kids in our youth group, and this is her teacher mom's first day of orientation.  This way, she doesn't have to spend the day alone, and the Fries can inflict themselves on someone new.

Small Fry was adamant that she wanted Two-D to brush her hair.  I said no, because poor Two-D wouldn't know what to do if when Small Fry started crying, because she hates having her hair brushed and her scalp is so sensitive.

I asked who wanted to go first, and got no volunteers.  Medium Fry was determined to not have her hair brushed, clamping both arms over her head.

I decided that meant she'd volunteered.

She dug her heels in.

I only had to count to two to get her to put her hands down.

Medium: I don't like you!

Me: I still like you.

Medium [gesturing angrily towards Two-D]: I like hewr better than you!

Me [continuing to brush]

Medium:  You'wre mean!

Me: So you've said.

Medium:  When I gwow up, you won't take care of me anymore!

Me: What, honey?

Medium [insistently]: When I gwow up, into a gwown-up, you won't take care of me anymore!

Me: Well, when you're grown up, you won't need me to take care of you anymore.

Medium [almost heartbroken]: See?  I told you!

Me [desperately trying to muffle a chuckle, and failing]

Medium: Don't laff at me!

Me: I'm not.

Medium [pointing to Two-D again, but less sullenly]: I still like hewr better than you.

You know, sometimes it's just like that here.

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