Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm honestly not sure who called who or how or whatever, but however it happened--Hubby has this tendency to not lock the keypad of his phone and therefore does a lot of pocket-dialing--my mother-in-law called tonight as the kids were eating supper.

Small Fry, upon hearing that it was Gramma Bevvie on the phone, wanted to talk to her.  She talked for a few minutes, then said, "I love you.  Bye," and handed the phone to Medium Fry.

"Gwramma Bevvie?  I didn't have a wuff day today."  Hubby smiled and shared a glance with me.  "Gwramma Bevvie, when we come to youwr howse..." Medium stopped as she got interrupted by her sisters' conversation.  "...can you make cake?" she continued, even though she got overwhelmed by siblings and Oliver and Company on tv.

Hubby tried to muffle his guffaw, and failed miserably.  Medium extended her arm fully, index finger (hallelujah; she usually uses her "tall man") pointed imperiously at him.  "Shhh!"  Then: "Gwramma, when we come to your howse, can you make cake?"  This was quickly followed by another, "I love you.  Bye," and passing the phone off to Large Fry.

Yes, I am pretty sure Gramma Bevvie agreed to make cake.

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