Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been a VERY long day.

The Fries are--well, two of them, anyway--sick.

Large Fry has a nasty bilateral ear infection and mild bronchitis.

Medium Fry has an ear infection and nasty bronchitis.

Small Fry has an interminable case of "I must be sick, too!"

I have extreme exhaustion.

Of course, Hubby was gone all day today.

And by "all day," I mean that I barely remember him leaving around 7:45ish this morning, and he's still not home yet.  He and the PSC youth group went to Hershey Park for the day.

By the time bedtime rolled around, I was so relieved to be tucking them in, because, as I told Hubby at our bedtime phone call, if they weren't going to bed, someone would be meeting Jesus.

Lest you think I don't love my kids, I do.  Really.  A lot.

Small Fry: I love you forever, Mommy!

Me: I love you forever, too, punkin.  You try my patience sometimes, but I love you forever. [turned to Medium Fry]  And I love you forever, too.

Like you would not believe.  I love them.

But, since the two sick ones are starting to feel better, they are acting more like kids and less like sickies.  And I'm fried tonight.

And I find that parenthood is best taken with a hefty dose of humor.


Earlier today, Medium had asked if we were going to take our potties to the new house.  I told her that, no, we weren't; we would take our little potty seats with us, but the new house will already have potties, so ours will just stay here.  I don't think I convinced her.

Because this happened at bedtime.

As I finished tucking the twins in, I told them they needed to be quiet and go to sleep, because we had a big day tomorrow.

Me: Do you know what we're going to do in the morning?  We're going to look at houses!

Twins: *gasp*

Medium Fry: And look at the potties?

Me: Yes!

Small Fry: An' da bewwooms?

Me: And the bedrooms.

Medium Fry: And the beds?

Me: Well, maybe.  Not all of them will have beds, because some of them don't have much furniture in them.  Some of them will.  But we're going to take all our beds to the new house with us when we move.  We're not moving tomorrow, though; we're just looking to see which house we want.

Small Fry: An' we'll take all ouwr bewwoom toys?

Me: Yep!  We're taking all our stuff.

They think this whole new-house thing is pretty cool, and I'm glad about that.  However, they're even more impatient than I am! They're ready to be moved yesterday.  Large Fry, especially, thinks that the new house will automatically come with a new bike for her.  I'm glad they're excited.

I'm also unbelievably glad that they're in bed...and that Hubby will be home and able to help ride herd on them tomorrow.

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